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Internal Control: How Does It Impact an Audit?


4.0 Credits

The purpose of this course is to help auditors utilize a risk-based approach along with a controls assessment within their engagements to enhance audit quality. Auditors continue to struggle with effective and efficient execution of the Risk Assessment Standards. Common deficiencies include an overreliance on checklists and inadequate documentation of audit risk assessment, including linkage of audit risks to internal controls over financial reporting. The AICPA Peer Review team continues to see common audit deficiencies relating to these issues. Make sure you are in full compliance with all of today's standards! TOPICS DISCUSSED  Audit process and planning  Assessment of the risk of material misstatement and the design and implementation of internal controls utilizing the 2013 revised COSO framework  Procedures to test the effectiveness of controls  Sampling and non-sampling tests to support the state audit objective  Severity of controls deficiencies  Required communications


LEARNING OBJECTIVES When you complete this course you will be able to:  Recall key concepts in the risk assessment standards, including various requirements related to internal controls assessment.  Recognize common implementation issues and solutions.

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