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Ask Me No Questions


2.0 Credits

We often make decisions as to whether we believe what a person tells us based on our "Gut Feeling."  In other words, we have no idea why we chose to believe or not believe what we have heard.  This is because the majority of the time we communicate subconsciously.  We subconsciously hear and see indicators of stress when an individual is speaking.  Such stress is an indications of deception.  as a result,we chose to believe our subconscious observations other than the words we hear.  This presentation is designed to provide the tools to allow the individual to understand why they chose to either believe or not believe what they have heard ..... and seen.


*Recognize the indicators of stress
*Calibrate and Individual
*Establish rapport
*Improve their interviewing technique

Major Topics

*What we use to determine if we believe what we have heard
*How to calibrate and individual
*Verbal clues
*Nonverbal clues
*How to obtain information without asking questions



Advanced Preparation

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