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Ethics from a Business Perspective


2.0 Credits

In order to maintain a healthy business environment, all parties must act in an ethical manner.  This presentation discusses the necessity of maintaining an ethical environment and how to go about establishing such.  Are ethics the same everywhere; are they uniform; are they subject to change depending on the situation; are their guidelines on how to define ethics; who or what is responsible for establishing an ethical environment?

All of these questions and more will be discussed during this presentation.  However, the participant may need to come up with the answers because each individual is responsible for developing their own personal code of ethics.


Please Note:  This course is not approved for Texas, Florida, Virginia, Washington Ethics or any other state with a state specific ethics requirement.  Contact if you have specific questions on your state.  


*Define ethics
*Establish and maintain an ethical environment
*Understand the importance of ethical behavior
*Develop a code of ethics

Major Topics

*Definition of ethics
*Establishing and ethical environment
*Identification of situations that present an ethical question
*Contrasting what is legal and what is ethical
*Telling the Truth - The Whole Truth - and Nothing But the Truth



Advanced Preparation

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