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Preparing Your Practice for Sale - And Selling It!


2.0 Credits

After years of hard work, you have grown a business that has going concern. But like most savvy business owners, you come to realize that it is time to transition and “pass the baton”, so to speak, to a younger professional who can carry the business into the next generation. But selling a business is a lot of work. And certainly selling a professional service business must be harder (or so you may think). Then the question remains: is it worth it? The short answer: absolutely. Sure, there are countless moving parts and factors to consider when selling a business. But with the proper planning and team in place, you can maximize your return on investment.


*What you need to know to get started

*Due Diligence

*Creating a timeline

*Valuing your practice

*Identifying the ideal buyer/partner

*Structuring the deal

*Avoiding pitfalls that make deals fail

Major Topics

*Due diligence: clean up your books

*Create a timeline: preparation, marketing, negotiate and close

*Value Your Practice

*Identifying a Buyer/Partner

*Structuring the Deal

*Pitfalls to Avoid



Advanced Preparation

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