State Taxation Committee

The state taxation committee is responsible for developing and communicating fair and reasonable legislated and administered taxation at the state and local levels.  The committee meets annually with the Alabama Department of Revenue (ADOR) to discuss issues and legislation that effects our membership.  Members are at times called upon to participate with public hearings of the ADOR. The information obtained during the annual meeting and public hearings is communicated to the membership via the ASCPA website and weekly electronic newsletters. The committee also tries to communicate changes that occur during the year to the membership and work with the ADOR as needed to improve the tax preparation process for CPAs.

Read now> ASCPA State Taxation Committee Meeting Notes August 2, 2016

Jim Watson - Chair
Martin R. Abroms
Jeannine P. Birmingham
Roger C. Boatner
Jane B. Bochnak
John C. Boohaker
Frank D. Brown
Roger F. Bryant
G. Allen Cave, Jr
Edward F. Cutter
William A. Dow
Wallace Dunn II
Steve H. Emerson
Michael A. Frost
Larry B. Gilley
Whitcomb H. Guerin
Henry H. Haisten III
David L. Harwood
Dana M. Hess
Renee B. Hubbard
Stanley C. Huner
Robert M. Hunt Jr
Clifton T. Jackson
David P. Kassouf
Leon M. Kelley
Gregory P. Logan
Michael E. Mason
Gina L. McKellar
Justin L. Mitchell
Jeremy D. Mosteller
Cathy A. Mozingo
Karen R. Poist
Lyvonnia S. Poppell
Edward L. Reeves
James L. Richardson
Elizabeth D. Sasser
Kaye F. Sheridan PhD
Jeffrey M. Sims Jr.
Kimberly B. Smith
Kimberley D. Tarnakow
Rachel M. Taylor
William T. Thistle II
Peggy R. Wall
Thomas C. Zoebelein II