Educational Foundation

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The primary goal of the ASCPA Educational Foundation is to attract the best and brightest individuals into the profession of accounting. Founded in 1967, the Foundation has been supported by financial contributions of ASCPA members, corporations and from the proceeds of the Annual Charity Golf Tournament. With dedicated leadership and responsible investment strategies, your Foundation has helped students in every accredited accounting program in Alabama.

Educational Foundation Board of Trustees

  • Gerald Pentecost - Chair
  • E. Lamar Reeves 
  • Amanda N. Paul
  • Lowell S. Broom
  • John P. Shank
  • Jamey Carroll
  • Renee B. Hubbard

Bylaws of the ASCPA Educational Foundation

Scholarship Information

Contributions to the Educational Foundation are deductible as Charitable Contributions.

Contributions or gifts to the Alabama Society are not tax deductible as Charitable Contributions for Federal or State Income Tax Purposes. However, renewal payments may be deductible by members as an ordinary and necessary business expense. 10% of your renewal is a non-deductible lobbying expense.