Classroom Blitz

November 13-17, 2017

Young CPA volunteers will share the opportunities available through a career in accounting and illustrate how to become more money savvy.

When the Alabama Society of CPAs’ Young CPA Cabinet began the Classroom Blitz nine years ago, we didn’t realize what its impact would be.  But here we are, almost 30,000 students later, with vital relationships formed between teachers and professionals across the state.  

Ms. Carroll will send out a PowerPoint presentation which can be customized.  Tell your own story and share why you became a CPA.

Click HERE to access the Google doc.  Find a school near you with no volunteer signed up and plug in your information.  Get in touch with the teacher directly to finalize details of your visit.  Team up with someone else to make the visit even more interesting.

Take materials or goodies from your company and a supply of business cards. Have someone take a photo of you with students and send to us for posting on the website or in the Tuesday digital newsletter.  


Shirley Carroll 334.834.7650