Request a CPA Speaker

Are You Planning a Meeting, Workshop, Seminar or Convention?

We would like to speak to you and your group.  Whether you’re planning a small, hour-long monthly meeting of 10 or a day-long annual conference of 200, the CPA Ambassadors are available to speak to your group.  Please call on us.

As a public service, the Alabama Society of CPAs (ASCPA) and its CPA Ambassador program can offer qualified CPAs to speak on a variety of business and financial topics.  Whether you’re planning a convention for a large group or a small meeting, we’d like to provide you with a speaker.

Why a CPA?

Certified Public Accountants are an integral part of the business community.  Today’s CPAs are called upon as management consultants, personal financial planners, small business advisers, and more.  Our speakers can tailor their presentation specifically to your group and its particular areas of interest, roughly divided into the four areas listed below.

360 Degrees of Financial Literacy

Everyone can learn more about how to effectively manage their personal or business finances from this national initiative. Programs are available for the eleven stages of life including childhood, college, career, marriage, parenthood, military and reserves, home ownership, entrepreneurship, the sandwich generation, life crisis, and retirement and estate planning.

Small Business Development

Learn how to maximize the effectiveness of your business from the experts.  Accounting and auditing, budgeting, business management, taxation, buying/selling a business, cash management, and internal controls are among the topics available.

Recruiting into the profession

Help students gain knowledge about the breadth and depth of career opportunities available as a CPA.

America Counts on CPAs

Emphasizing the CPA as a “most trusted adviser”, and concentrating on the core values of integrity, competency and objectivity through client relationships and service to the community.

One month’s notice will ensure our ability to match your group with the perfect speaker.  During tax season – January through April – more lead time may be necessary. CPA Ambassadors do not expect compensation.  If the speaker does incur extensive lodging or travel expenses, however, we request the host organization reimburse the speaker.

Diane Christy, VP of Communications
334.834.7650 or 800.227.1711