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  • Aug 20
    In Person Auburn 4 Credits

    This course covers the significant provisions of the most recent pronouncements and proposed pronouncements from the FASB, the Private Company Council, the Auditing Standards Board and the Accounting and Review Services Committee. The course is presented from the perspective of a small firm practitioner who services non-publicly traded entities. The majority of the class time will be spent discussing the standards that, in the instructor's 32 years of experience, have the broadest application to the local practitioner. As always, the floor is also open to discuss whatever current accounting and auditing topics the class participants may want to cover. A complete, thorough and fast moving review of all things privately held A&A!

  • Aug 20
    In Person Auburn 4 Credits

    This course offers an in-depth look at any issues that practitioners have been having in implementing clarified SSARS section 70 "Preparation of Financial Statements", clarified SSARS section 80 "Compilation Engagements" and clarified SSARS section 90 "Review of Financial Statements". This course also includes 15-20 new cases for 2018 covering all aspects of SSARS application including accounting, disclosure and reporting from the perspective of a local firm practitioner. Several new accounting standards are integrated into the new cases, including the new revenue recognition and leasing standards. It also covers the proposed "Selected Procedures" (Agreed-upon Procedures "light") standard that is scheduled to be finalized in 2018. A complete and thorough review of everything preparation, compilation and review for 2018 and beyond!

  • Aug 20
    In Person Pelham 8 Credits

    Preparers of governmental and nonprofit financial statements and their auditors often seek advice from the AICPA's Technical Hotline as well as from the GASB Technical Inquiry System. The advice they receive from these sources is high-quality and non-authoritative, but offers viable solutions or reasonable alternatives for accounting and auditing issues related to governmental and nonprofit organizations. The objective of this course is to enhance participants' knowledge and application of professional judgment by providing a review of the top accounting and auditing issues faced by preparers of governmental and not-for-profit financial statements and their auditors based on calls and inquiries received by both the AICPA and GASB over the past year.

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