K2's Accounting Solutions Shootout for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

Tuesday, August 20 Code: 052 8.0 CPE Credits


The market for accounting solutions designed for small to mid-sized businesses has never been better! From traditional desktop applications to newer Cloud-based solutions, small to mid-sized businesses have affordable options available today that were unthinkable for many just a few years ago and in this seminar, you will receive the benefit of an unbiased comparison of many of today's leading solutions, helping you to make an informed decision about the future direction of your accounting platform. Solutions from Intuit, Sage, Microsoft, Open Systems, Xero, Acumatica, and many other providers will be reviewed and compared to help you decide whether you should remain with your current platform or perhaps switch to a different one to reap the benefits of improved transaction processing, efficiency, reporting, and potentially lower costs. Additionally, various third-party add-ins will be covered to help you make informed decisions about issues such as sales tax processing, financial and operational reporting, and business intelligence. In sum, if you are the least bit curious about the accounting options available for small to mid-sized businesses, this is the most important seminar that will to attend this year.


Thomas Stephens

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