Internet Preparation, Compilation, and Review 2021

Code: PCR 4.0 CPE Credits


COURSE OVERVIEW After completing this course, you should be able to understand the basic issues related to preparation, compilation, and review engagements for each of the following areas: Section 1 Clarified Guidance for Accounting and Review Services (SSARS Nos. 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25). Section 2 General Principles for SSARS engagements—Section 60. 2-a Section 60 Amendments. Section 3 Preparation of Financial Statements—Section 70. 3-a Preconditions for Preparation Engagement and Engagement Letter. 3-b Illustrative Engagement Letter: Financial Statement Preparation. 3-c Understanding the Client and Financial Statement Preparation. 3-d Required Documentation for Preparation Engagement. Section 4 Compilation Engagements: Scope and Objective—Section 80. 4-a Preconditions for Compilation Engagement and Engagement Letter. 4-b Illustrative Engagement Letter: Compilation. 4-c Understanding the Client and Compilation Procedures. 4-d Reporting on Compilation Engagements. 4-e Documenting a Compilation Engagement. Section 5 Review Engagements: Scope and Objective—Section 90. 5-a Preconditions for Review Engagement and Engagement Letter. 5-b Illustrative Engagement Letter: Review. 5-c Review Engagement Requirements and Procedures. 5-d Reporting on Review Engagements. 5-e Step Down From an Audit to Review. 5-f Documenting a Review Engagement. 5-g Interpretations of Section 90 Section 6 Reporting on Elements and Pro Forma Information. Section 7 Reporting on Personal Financial Statements. Section 8 Technical Questions and Answers. 8-a Report Modifications and PCC Accounting Alternatives (TIS 9150.32) 8-b Disclosures and PCC Accounting Alternatives (TIS 9150.33) Section 9 Guidance for International Reporting Issues (SSARS No. 24)


Steve Grice

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