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B&I Quarterly Meeting-September

Friday, September 17 Code: 021 2.0 CPE Credits


Join us for the third installment of our Business and Industry series. Below are the key topics:

Searching and Identifying Cash Leaks and Holds in a Business

  • The importance of cash as a lifeblood of business
  • How efficient use of cash can help your company grow
  • How the inefficient use of cash can kill your momentum
  • Examples of Key Performance Indicators or activities that make sure your business doesn't tie up cash
  • Communicating to non-financial management (operation, sales, procurement) about the importance of not tying up cash

Using Excel & Technology to Improve Efficiency

  • Tips for reducing data entry
  • Tools for data analysis
  • Automating business transactions
  • A demo of how to use these tips to improve efficiency


Allen Austin , Bruce Fryer