ASCPA's Business Combinations and Non Controlling Interests: For-Profit & Not-for-Profit Entities

Code: BCIFP 4.0 CPE Credits


COURSE OVERVIEW After completing this course, you should be able to understand the basic issues related to business combinations for each of the following areas: Section 1 Introduction to Business Combinations—ASC 805 Section 2 Scope of Business Combinations 2-a Clarification: Definition of Business for Business Combinations Section 3 Applying the Acquisition Method 3-a ASU 2014-17: Pushdown Accounting for Non SEC Registrants 3-b ASU 2015-16: Measurement Period Adjustments Section 4 Some Recognition and Measurement Issues 4-a ASU 2018-09—Codification Improvements Section 5 General Applicability of the Acquisition Method Section 6 How Acquirer Entity Should be Determined Section 7 How Reverse Acquisitions Should be Reflected in Financial Statements Section 8 How “Step Acquisitions” Should be Reflected in Financial Statements Section 9 How Contingent Amounts Should be Reflected in Financial Statements Section 10 How the Acquirer Should Record Net Assets of Noncontrolling Interests Section 11 How Goodwill is Measured and Reflected in Financial Statements 11-a ASU 2014-02: Accounting Alternative for Goodwill 11-aa ASU 2021-03: Accounting Alternative for Triggering Events 11-b ASU 2014-18: Accounting Alternative for Identifiable Intangible Assets Section 12 How a Business Combination Can Exist Without Consideration Transferred Section 13 How Bargain Purchases Should be Reflected in Financial Statements Section 14 Guidance for Noncontrolling Interests—ASC 810 Section 15 Scope of ASC 810 Section 16 Noncontrolling Interests in Subsidiaries/An Overview Section 17 Changes in Parent-Company Ownership Interests Section 18 The Issue of Deconsolidating Subsidiaries 18-a ASU 2010-02: Scope Clarification related to guidance for Decreases in Ownership of a Subsidiary Section 19 ASC 810: Some Implementation Guidance Section 20 Variable Interest Entities—ASC 810 20-a ASU 2018-17: Targeted Improvements to Related Party Guidance for Variable Interest Entities 20-b ASU 2015-02: Revisions to Consolidation Analysis 20-c ASU 2016-17: VIE Model: Indirect Interest Held Through Commonly Controlled Related Parties Section 21 Not-for-Profit Entities: Mergers and Acquisitions (ASC 958) 21-a Scope of the Literature 21-b Distinguishing Between Mergers and Acquisitions 21-c Carryover and Acquisition Methods 21-d ASU 2019-06: Private Company Accounting Alternatives on Goodwill and Certain Identifiable Intangible Assets Extend to Not-for-Profit Entities 21-e Practice Inquiries Related to Financially-Interrelated Entities 21-f ASU 2017-02:Clarification for General or Limited Partner Not-for-Profit Entity Section 22 Other Related Accounting Standards Updates 22-a Indefinite Deferrals for Investment Funds Rescinded 22-b ASU 2010-29: Disclosure of Supplementary Pro Forma Information for Business Combinations 22-c ASU 2012-06: Indemnification Assets in Certain Business Combinations ASU 2014-13: Collateralized Financing Entity: Fair Value Measurement Alternative


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