ASCPA's Understanding The Independence Guidelines of the Accounting Profession

Code: PEAAE-EH 4.0 CPE Credits


After completing this course, you should be able to understand the basic ethical issues related to accounting and auditing engagements for each of the following areas: Section 1 PCAOB Independence requirements. Section 2 The Basics of Evaluating Independence. 2a What Exactly is Independence? 2b AICPA Quality Control System. 2c What if independence is breached? Section 3 Step-by Step Approach to Evaluating Independence. Section 4 Other Independence Issues 4a Modified rules for AUP engagements. 4b What if I was formerly employed by the client? 4c What if I leave my firm and join the client? 4d Financial relationships. 4e Joint closely-held business investments and lending arrangements. 4f Brokerage accounts with a client. 4g Bank accounts with a client. 4h Insurance policies issued by a client. 4i Gifts and entertainment from and to an attest client. 4j Business relationships that impair independence. 4k Nonattest services. 4k-a Hosting Services are Nonattest Services 4l Potential issues with fee arrangements. 4m The unpaid fees issue. 4n Lease with an attest client Section 5 Conceptual Framework and ET Section 1.200. Section 6 Overview of the GAO guidance.


Steve Grice

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