Leadership Academy

Apply for Leadership Academy

Interested in the Alabama Society of CPAs’ Leadership Academy? Here is some information which may help you.

Who will attend? Members in good standing in the ASCPA who have 3-8 years in public accounting, industry, government or education. The emphasis is on emerging professionals. Members must be a CPA to eligible to apply.

How much time will I have to commit? The Academy will consist of three one-day sessions (specific dates to be determined). There will also be individual and group coaching calls in between sessions and a firm project.

When and where will the sessions be held? All sessions will be at the Alabama Society of CPAs’ training space in Montgomery, 1041 Longfield Court. Upcoming dates are August 9, 2018 and May 16, 2019. Reserve your spot now.

Who will lead the training and why were they chosen? The Rainmaker Academy of Nashville was chosen after a rigorous vetting process. They are experts at this kind of intensive training, came highly recommended and work exclusively with CPAs.

Why do I need a managing partner or industry equivalent to sign off on my application? Having a managing partner (or equivalent) on board is a vital part of your program. They will be participating in coaching calls with you and Rainmaker between sessions, help you as you develop projects to benefit your organization, and will act as a mentor during your Academy training.

How will my participation benefit my organization? This training will provide each candidate with a set of life skills. You will become a valuable asset with a broad range of tools that extend well beyond your specific job title. In addition, Rainmaker encourages cascade training back at your office, so that you reinforce your new skills by sharing them with colleagues.

How many hours of CPE will I earn? The training will result in a minimum of 20 CPE-eligible hours. There may also be some CPE available for the webcasts you will be attending between in-person sessions. We’ll provide you with that information as you begin the Academy and will automatically add your hours to the comprehensive CPE transcript which the Alabama Society maintains for you. Reporting of these hours will be available on request.

What is the cost and who will pay it? The overall cost for each candidate is $1500. If you are a member of the ASCPA, $500 of that fee with be subsidized by the Society. When you receive your acceptance letter, there will be a reminder about the $1000 cost and a payment deadline.  

What will be my commitment following graduation? Attendees are expected to fulfill a service requirement in the year after completion of the class. We strongly recommend that you also find a role to fill within your chapter, with the Young CPAs, elsewhere in the professional world or larger community.

Want more information? Get in touch with Jessica Roberts at jroberts@ascpa.org.