CPA Referral Service

How does it work?

This searchable database of public accounting firms is free to the public.  Users can search for an accounting firm that matches their specific needs. Also, when the ASCPA is contacted for a CPA referral we use this information to provide the caller with several matching options.

To include your firm in the ASCPA online referral listing it must meet the following requirements.

  1. Be licensed and in good standing with the Alabama State Board of Accountancy to practice public accounting.
  2. Have at least one staff member who is an ASCPA member.
  3. Request to enroll in the ASCPA's online listing of public accounting firms.
Find a CPA Service

Are you looking for a CPA? View the searchable database of licensed CPAs.

Enroll Your Firm

Submit your firm's information online here to be included in the  CPA Referral Service listing. 

Zack Camerio | Manager, Member & Student Engagement | (334) 386-5763