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As a volunteer-led organization, we need member ideas, expertise and leadership to perform a vast number of different tasks that help us help you be successful.

But, it's not all about us. Your involvement can help you solve a problem at work, expand your expertise, provide-coworkers with key information, and build professional relationships and friendships along the way.

Volunteer with the ASCPA and connect with other members in areas of interest you care about, have expertise in, or want to learn more about.

big issues and ideas

Strategic Committees

Serving on one of our committees provides you the opportunity to further develop your leadership skills and to network with peers. Topics range from audit to diversity. So, there is big impact where you choose to serve.

Local impact

Chapter Advisory Council

With eleven chapters throughout Alabama, you would directly impact the profession in your area. Plan CPE, networking, and events that make a difference in your community.

other ways to get involved

Outside the Box

Do you enjoy writing or speaking? Do you want to grow the CPA pipeline? Get involved with Tax Hotlines? Guide others through financial-literacy? There are plenty of ways to give-back.  

meetings & Time commitments

What to Expect

Most committees meet two to four times a year from May 1 to April 30.

Can't attend in-person? You can easily participate via video and audio conferencing, too.