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Forms Update from the Alabama Department of Revenue

Form Update from the Alabama Department of Revenue

February 19, 2019

The Alabama Department of Revenue will release all software vendors to print forms today, meaning any tax form that remains unapproved will no longer have the watermark or the barcode.

While much progress was made last week with software vendors and the related bar code approval of Alabama tax forms, the Department and the vendors still have work to do to complete the process. To not hold up the process any further, the Department is notifying any vendors with unapproved bar code submissions that they are free to print the forms without the bar code. The Department still needs the cooperation and continued attention of the software vendors to correct remaining bar code errors.

In two weeks, the Department will reassess the matter. At that point, if software vendors are not cooperating, i.e. not working to correct bar code errors, the Department reserves the right to withdraw their approvals.

The Alabama Department of Revenue recognizes the situational impact on CPAs and extends its appreciation for your patience. They request that CPAs emphasize to your software company the importance of working with the Department to resolve these issues.

Again, thank you for allowing us to advocate for and seek solutions for you on these issues.


Jeannine Birmingham
President and CEO of the ASCPA

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