The ASCPA joins the CPA community in adopting a .cpa domain

November 15, 2021

The ASCPA is excited to launch our new .CPA domain, Alabama.CPA, and will be transitioning our website and email address in the coming weeks/months. 

The .CPA domain is a restricted domain available only to state societies, licensed CPAs and firms. By shifting our website URL and email address to a .CPA domain, the ASCPA can now be part of this exclusive digital space for the accounting community.  It will also make it more difficult for cyber criminals to carry out malicious attacks, allowing our online interactions with members and stakeholders to be carried out with a higher degree of integrity and trust.

We’re proud to join the thousands of firms that have adopted a .CPA domain – allowing our profession to connect with clients and the public with greater trust, security and verification.

Please be on the lookout as we transition to our new name, Alabama.CPA. In the meantime, please be sure to add our new staff email addresses to your address book so it’s not marked as spam by your email filter. They have the same prefix (i.e. jdoe) as our previous email addresses and will adopt the Alabama.CPA suffix. So, the new email will be jdoe@Alabama.CPA

We are excited for our new domain name and can’t wait to connect with you there! Please visit and bookmark Alabama.CPA now to stay updated!

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