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IRS Birmingham Office Relocating & IRS News Releases

February 4, 2020 IRS Newsroom

The IRS Birmingham Office has been relocated to downtown Birmingham at 417-20th St N, Birmingham, AL 35203 in the old Region’s Building.  Both, the Customer Assistance Center and the Local Taxpayer Advocate’s Office are located on the fifth floor.  Taxpayers and representatives must check in with security on the main floor and will be photographed before being allowed access to the fifth floor.

Below and attached are key messages from the Internal Revenue Service for the week ending January 31, 2020. In addition, view their Tax Info to Share page for helpful tax information to share with your customers, employees, volunteers and other people you serve.

SB/SE Weekly Outreach Update ending February 1, 2020

Outreach initiative database

  1. OID VIEW 562, - Gig Economy Tax Center
  2. OID VIEW 607, - Tax Reform: Withholding/Paycheck Checkup
  3. OID View 639, - Consolidated advisory group now handles all lien certificate applications and non-judicial foreclosure notices, is now available
  4. OID VIEW 640, - Taxpayer First Act 2019
  5. OID VIEW 641, -Identity Protection PIN Op-in Program
  6. OID VIEW 642, -Free File 2020, How to do your taxes for free
  7. OID VIEW 643, -2020 EITC Awareness Campaign

News releases

  1. (1/31/20) IR-2020-26, IRS takes next step on abusive micro-captive transactions; nearly 80 percent accept settlement, 12 new audit teams established
  2. (1/31/20) IR-2020-25, IRS revises Form 1023 for applying for tax-exempt status
  3. (1/30/20) IR-2020-24, New Form 1040-SR, alternative filing option available for seniors
  4. (1/28/20) IR-2020-23, IRS outlines new tax law effect on tax exempt organizations
  5. (1/28/20) IR-2020-22, IRS, partners nationwide mark Jan. 31 as "EITC Awareness Day"
  6. (1/28/20) IR-2020-21, IRS: Jan. 31 filing deadline for employers, other businesses to file wage statements, independent contractor forms
  7. (1/27/20) IR-2020-20, IRS kicks off 2020 tax filing season with returns due April 15; help available on IRS.gov for fastest service
  8. (1/27/20) IR-2020-19, IRS provides relief to financial institutions affected by tax law change raising the age for required minimum distributions

Fact sheets

  1. (1/28/20) FS-2020-01, How to qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit

Tax tips

  1. (1/30/20) TT-2020-11, Taxpayers should find out if they can benefit from the earned income tax credit
  2. (1/29/20) TT-2020-10, All taxpayers have the right to quality service
  3. (1/28/20) TT-2020-09, Taxpayers filing for the first time should look into Free File
  4. (1/27/20) TT-2020-08, Due dates for backup withholding forms coming quick


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