Two months to go, two conferences to meet your reporting requirements

July 17, 2018 CPE

Only two months and two CPE conferences left before the reporting deadline.

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2018 Technology Conference - August 16+17

Tommy Stephens, Randy Johnston and Val Steed from K2 Enterprises are back with the latest in technology:

  • Data analysis
  • A practice guide to security and malware protection
  • Evaluating technology controls
  • Improving profitability through BI and automation
  • the best kept secrets of Windows10, Excel, Poer BI
  • Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and more!

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2018 Financial A&A Conference - september 28

The leading voices from FASB, the AICPA and across the state bring you the latest A&A updates. Join Michael Cheng, Michael Glynn, Chad Singletary and Michael Brand for the final CPE conference of the season. 8 hours of A&A covering:

  • FASB Update
  • SSARS Update and Other A&A Hot Topics
  • ASB Update
  • Independence

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Recent ASCPA News

  • Leading Change: What makes it successful?

    July 17, 2018
    Normally, we hear terms like “rightsizing”, “reengineering”, “management shift”, and “turnaround” to describe a process the company is embarking upon to reach new heights.  Although, the underlying tone is that of business change in order to handle a new challenging market or circumstance.  Some changes have been enormous failures while others have been success stories but; however, sadly most fall in the middle and, if anything, more towards the side of failure.  There are lessons to be learned with each, and I find it far easier to study from those that have traveled before than reinvent the wheel each time.