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Important CPE Reporting Information from the ASBPA

June 12, 2020 CPE Coronavirus

The Alabama State Board of Public Accountancy understands that COVID-19 has changed much of how you are completing your CPE. The Board wants you to be aware of the following information regarding CPE.

  1. The CPE Reporting period remains unchanged. Active CPAs will need to complete their 40 hours of CPE (including 8 hours of accounting and auditing and 2 hours of ethics) by September 30, 2020 if they wish to renew as Active on their 2020-2021 Registrations.
  2. The Board has been proactive in moving to more fluid formats of CPE that will make completion of your CPE hours during this trying situation much easier. The CPE Rules were changed effective October 1, 2019, to remove the cap on self-study hours, allowing all 40 of your CPE hours to be completed by self-study if you so choose. Please review the summary of CPE Rule changes as you plan out the remainder of your CPE courses for this fiscal year.
  3. If you find that after searching for available online options for CPE you are still unable to complete your CPE by September 30, 2020, you may submit an e-mail request for a CPE extension to Nicole Robinson. Any individuals who request a CPE extension must use the paper registration form when submitting their 2020-2021 Registration Form and will not be able to use the online process with credit card option. Please be sure to exhaust all other CPE options available to you before submitting a CPE extension request.

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