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Taxpayers Help the Alabama Department of Revenue Protect Their Identity

Has your personal data already been stolen? For hundreds of millions of people, the answer to this question is “Yes”.  Do not allow identity thieves to steal more from you and your family.  Protect yourself!

The Alabama Department of Revenue (ADOR) partnered with IDEMIA (formerly MorphoTrust® USA) to launch a new pilot program utilizing IDEMIA’s electronic ID (eID) to combat state income tax fraud for 2017 and future filing seasons.

Launched in April 2017, ADOR broke new ground, allowing Alabama to become the first state in the nation to employ a selfie verification system using cutting-edge technology that empowers the taxpayer.

There are no usernames or passwords; instead, biometric technology (a person’s selfie) is used to unlock the eID, making it secure and easy-to-use. The user starts by downloading the mobile eID app from Apple iTunes or the Google Play Store and validating their credentials with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency by taking a photo of the front and back of their Alabama driver’s license or ID card. Then the user submits a selfie with their smartphone to create the eID. This information is then compared against the data and photo on record in the driver’s license database to ensure only the rightful identity holder can obtain an eID. Once verified the user then registers with ADOR to complete the process, ensuring that they receive notification whenever ADOR receives a state income tax return in the user’s name.

As a bonus, taxpayers, who use the eID app, receive priority processing and expedited issuance of their state tax refund, if applicable. The app also aids in monitoring fraud, so when a state income tax return is received, the state will push a notification to the app asking the user to verify its veracity.   If the taxpayer did not file the return, they can deny the filing which alerts the ADOR that the return may be fraudulent.  No longer will fraudsters be successful in filing returns and claiming and receiving fraudulent refunds using a taxpayer’s name and personal information.

Anyone with an Alabama issued driver’s license or ID card is encouraged to download the app, create an eID, and register with ADOR to receive notifications.  Working together, we can combat state income tax fraud. No one should wait until they have been a victim of fraud to act.

ADOR has continued to demonstrate that it is doing everything possible to protect taxpayers from criminals looking to steal their information and use it to file fraudulent state income tax returns.  This technology gives taxpayers the ability to actively participate in having their state income tax returns processed more efficiently.

Updates to the technology are currently being made to permit its use on the latest mobile devices.  If your device is not currently supported, please check again before the income tax filing season to create your eID.

ADOR is also exploring potential future uses of this technology where verifying the identity of a person is vital prior to the issuance of credentials.

The more information regarding this innovative technology, please visit .

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