Exclusive New Benefits with National Benefit Group for ASCPA Members

December 7, 2020

We have partnered with National Benefit Group to provide a unique benefit offering available through your ASCPA membership to enhance the value of your membership. This is an exclusive offer not available in the individual open marketplace.

  • Life Insurance with Catastrophic Loss coverage up to $100,000 in Life Insurance available with level rates to age 95. There is an additional benefit included of up to $3,000 per month for up to 36 months to pay for home health, assisted living, and nursing home care. The benefit does not require confinement to a facility in order to be paid. There are two benefits in one plan, with one rate, with rates level to age 95. That means no annual rate increases. Both benefits are paid out independently of each other, so the senior care benefits will not reduce the life insurance benefit. The coverage is available guaranteed issue which means no health questions or medical exams. Spouse coverage is available as well.

In addition:

  • Critical Illness & Accident Coverage as separate benefits to the overall ASCPA member offer for those wanting coverage to offset the high out-of-pocket expenses of medical care. Critical Illness pays a lump sum benefit should a major medical diagnosis occur like heart attack, stroke or cancer. The accident coverage pays a scheduled cash benefit when an accident or injury occurs. Both benefits are available guaranteed issue for members and your family.

Our team is standing by to answer questions, provide additional information and help with the easy enrollment process. In the meantime please review the product brochures provided in the above product links.

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