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AICPA Comments on the Underpayment and Late Payment Penalty Relief for 2020 Tax Year

February 17, 2021 Tax

The AICPA recommends providing taxpayers relief from underpayment penalties and relief from late payment penalties for the 2020 taxable year. Read the full letter here.  Specifically, we recommend taxpayers should receive relief from underpayment penalties if:

  • Taxpayers paid at least 70% of the tax due for the current year, or
  • Taxpayers paid 70% (90% if adjusted gross income (AGI) exceeds $150,000) of the amount of tax shown on their U.S. income tax return for the prior year.

Taxpayers should also receive relief from late payment penalties if they timely request an extension of time to file their income tax return and pay at least 70% of the taxes owed with the request.

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