Key Person Network

The Key Person Network was established help CPAs maintain regular and continuing personal contact with Alabama legislators.

AL State Capital

Key Person CPAs recognize the difference they can make in the legislative process. Members can make a difference by contacting elected officials and becoming a liaison between them and the ASCPA.

It's easy to become involved. To a large extent, legislators base decisions upon communications they receive from constituents. Legislators' decisions are fueled by a want and need to effectively serve constituents — and increase chances of re-election. In some cases, CPAs need to communicate with officials from other branches of government, including the Alabama governor's office, U.S. Congress and regulatory agencies like the Alabama Department of Revenue. It's simple, it's fun and it's our responsibility to let legislators know where we stand.


If you have a relationship with a legislator, or are willing to establish one, please join and have your voice heard. If you do not personally know a lawmaker, do not let that keep you from participating as ASCPA can assist you with starting and developing a Key Person relationship.

Key Person Goals

  • Promote uniformity of regulations
  • Protect the integrity of the CPA certificate
  • Address issues that impact the profession

Key Person Activities

  • Represent the CPA profession to one or more Alabama legislators
  • Develop and maintain a personal constituent relationship with one or more Alabama legislators
  • Have an understanding of current legislative issues affecting the profession and be prepared to discuss the impact on your practice, your clients, and the community
  • Read ASCPA weekly legislative updates and read and respond to legislative alerts
  • Report back to ASCPA information obtained from the Key Person Contact useful in lobbying the issue
  • Update your chapter on key legislative news
  • Invite your Legislator to ASCPA chapter meetings or special events