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What is the CPA/PAC?

The Alabama CPA PAC is a non-partisan committee comprised of CPAs who uphold the political voice of the CPA profession. By combining financial resources, the PAC is able to leverage its impact for positive results. Formed in 1990, the CPA/PAC pools members contributions and contributes funds to friendly state legislators and candidates who support CPA and business interests and encourages and supports our own CPAs as political candidates.

Your investment is essential to your profession.

CPAs feel the impact of legislative decisions on the business community and the accounting profession from the federal level all the way down to the local level. Every year, CPAs help identify ways to aid client taxpayers and deal with attempts to pass unwanted and unnecessary rules and regulations. By investing in state legislators and candidates, the CPA profession demonstrates a commitment to pro-business issues as well as securing the future of the profession.

The CPA/PAC provides the profession with:

  • Access. The CPA/PAC gives us a way to support candidates who show a willingness to listen to our position, decide on an issue with our position in mind, and communicate that decision before the vote. Meaningful access gives CPAs the opportunity to present the issues to legislators who will listen to the presentation prior to making a decision on the issue.
  • Credibility. The CPA/PAC gives CPAs the necessary political capital that brings clout and credibility, or in laymen terms, “street cred!” Votes by legislators turn into records that the CPA/PAC evaluates when deciding whether to support them or their opponent come election time.

How does CPA/PAC decide who to support?

  • Alabama candidates for state office only(no federal or local except for CPAs running for local office)
  • Legislators, including leadership and key committee members, who have demonstrated a pro ASCPA record that supports a high interest in protecting the public through maintaining high standards, moral, ethical, and professional, for the accounting profession
  • Recommendations from ASCPA Key Person advocates

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